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My Philosophy in Teaching Art

Jin Chong/ Artist, Founder

My philosophy of teaching art is to help students build their own creative minds. Throughout the sessions, students will be motivated and encouraged to express themselves and find their own voices. We will focus on bringing out each student’s potential artistic talent and customize to each individual’s skill level. “Thinking process” will be considered the most important aspect of each lesson. Because each individual can look at things from different perspectives and feel differently, everyone’s imagination and ideas cannot be expressed in the exact same way. I strongly encourage my students to think and transfer their own ideas into their artwork independently. Although there will be some classes taught from certain historical styles or movements, we’ll learn why it is important and what we are learning from them. 

Lower School Art Class will explore different subjects using various materials. The elements of art and design (line, shape, form, space, color, value, and texture) will be introduced during the classes. Students will learn about the principals of fundamental art, observational skills, exploration of materials, technique, how to process their thoughts, and how to enhance their imagination. Letting them know how to express themselves will be the ultimate goal of this art class.

Upper School Studio Art and Adults’ workshop classes will be project-based and not be driven by a weekly plan. Some subjects and projects can be finished in a single day while some other projects may take a couple of weeks to finish. There will be drawing (pencil, charcoal, pastel, ink, and etc), watercolor, acrylic, oil (advanced course), ink wash painting (Asian painting style), and mixed media. There will be a variety of subjects, such as still-life painting, portrait, landscape, Four Gentlemen, abstract and experiment works, in a traditional and non-traditional way. This course will be guiding students of all skill levels to a strong understanding of the Principles and Elements of Art and will give students a great chance to express themselves. 

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