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Class Descriptions


Painting/Drawing classes are designed to allow students to explore various subjects, using various media and tools, and enhance their imagination.
This course introduces students to classical and contemporary painting techniques and concepts with emphasis on the understanding of its formal language and the fundamentals of art. There will also be an emphasis on enhancing skills and creative development of techniques and utilizing various media. Representational painting from observation, non-representational paintings, various painting styles from art history, and art forms will be explored throughout the session. Letting our students know how to process their thoughts and how to express themselves will be the ultimate goal of this art class.

Animation/ Cartooning

This course will focus on animation for both film and television. Students will be introduced to animating on paper with the goal to create moving pictures. Every week we will learn a new foundation needed in animation, as well as explore different types of animation through film screenings and in-person demos. Students will also learn cartooning essentials like creating original characters and making comic book pages. Finally, students will collaborate with each other to create a short stop motion animated film. They will be in charge of creating their own story, characters, set, and film shooting in order to learn the process of making a stop motion film. At the end of the 10 week session students will be sent a file compilation with their 2d animation work, as well as their class film.


The illustration is the depiction of an idea, often a story. Illustrators create their own visual interpretations of written stories. Students will create their own visual interpretations of a chosen text, focusing on storytelling and developing a personal visual form.

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